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Major Price Drop and Version 4.0 Release Date!

Ahoy! We may be done with Summer 2014, but we are definitely not done with this script. It's been laying dormant for a while but we feel that this is the right time for some updating. For starters, we are dropping the price for the script to $199.99 for a limited time. That is a whopping 50% discount off the regular price of $399.99. We hope to keep this discount alive at least until version 4.0 is released. Yes, 4.0!

Version 4.0 will be released on November 1st, 2015. This will be one of our biggest releases to date and include premium features that a lot customers have been requesting or had us add to their scripts as custom modifications. We can't go in to all the features, but for starters we are adding functionality for stores to sign-up, add and manage their own deals with PayPal payment integration, store reviews, Facebook-based commenting, and more.

Wanna get a free upgrade to version 4.0? Then buy the script at the reduced price now! That's right, if you buy version 3.0 now at the reduced price, you will be able to upgrade to the version 4.0 for free upon its release.

Releasing version 3.0 with tons of new features and a lower price!

Today we are releasing our new version 3.0. This version is a huge leap forward for the script as it brings it inline with our fork. This version includes a lot of new features and a few fixes from version 2.2. In addition, we are lowering the price of the script by $100 to only $399!

  • Social Logging In with Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogging or "Pages"
  • Follow Tags
  • Follow Custom Search Terms
  • Change Date Display Format
  • Quick Filter Followed Items on Homepage
  • Printable Coupons and Deals
  • Featured Stores
  • Reveal Coupon Code on Click
  • Quick Toggle Featured Deals
  • Quick Toggle Hide Deals
  • View Stores or Deals on Tags Page
  • Coupon Code Copy Button
  • Show or Hide Sharing User with Deals
  • Separate Blog Title, Description and Keywords
  • HTML Editor for Deal Description
  • Browse Stores, Tags, Users, Deals and Pages in Grid Format in Admin Panel
  • Import Stores and Deals via CSV File

One more thing: We are now offering Free Installation & Setup if you buy any webhosting package for your site at, and get free setup of your script. (Must use our link.)

Version 3.0 and Retirement of GAN Plugin

So, we haven't had a lot of updates to the script (or at least this blog!) in a while and we'd like to make sure that you are aware of what we're planning.

First off, we expect to be able to release a BETA of our version 3 on May 31st. This new release will include the following new features and updates and bring the DealsDrive script more inline at the backend with These new features are:

  • Social Logging In (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Blogging or "Pages"
  • HTML Editor for Deal Description
  • Local Stores
  • Local / Printable Deal (Upload PDF or JPEG, etc. for Download)
  • Featured Stores
  • Follow Custom Search Terms
  • Follow Tags
  • Browse Stores, Tags, Users, Deals and Pages in Grid Format in Admin Panel
  • Import Stores and Deals via CSV File

Following that release, we will begin a public release of the script in June.

Last, but not least, the Google Affiliate Network plugin will be retired in July, this is inline with Google's announcement to terminate the GAN program at that time. But stay tuned, we expect to release multiple affiliate feed processors by that time.

Updated Google Affiliate Network Feed Processor & More...

Today we are announcing an update to the Google Affiliate Network (GAN) Feed Processor, which now includes the ability to update deals and coupons directly via the API instead of relying on FTP for daily file transfers and manual processing. This is thanks to an update to the GAN API itself, which includes the ability to pull links.

Another update is to the image search API that is included in the script itself. Previously we were using the Bing / Live API to allow site administrators to quickly search for store logo and deal images, but Microsoft has deprecated the Bing API and moved it to Windows Azure, with a free Image Search API limited to 5,000 searches a day. For most of us, including big sites like, this limit is more than enough.

Launching Deals Drive version 2.1

We are now 99% done with the updates to the script and are launching version 2.1 as of today. This version will serve as a base release version for future updates and upgrades. It took longer than expected to test all the new features for bugs and optimize the newly added DB tables and fields. Our roadmap now is to release version 2.5 by July and incorporate more updates from the source tree. Version 2.1 includes a massive rewrite of backend function, an optimization initiative that has allowed us to reduce the code length from a little under 17,000 lines of PHP code to around 13,000 lines. We have also expanded the availability of modifiable text via the language file and hope to have this cover 100% of the text output when version 2.5 is released.

We have decided to release OpenID (Google) and OAuth (Facebook and Twitter) login and signup connectors as add-on plugins. Not only will this allow us to add to the social aspect of the script, it will also as a way to build an ecosystem of add-ons and plugins around the script. We hope to have these connectors available for purchase before or around the release of version 2.5.

Welcome to DealsDrive!

Deals Drive, formerly known as SmashDeals Coupon & Deals Script, is a PHP script developed for coupons and deals centric websites. We split SmashDeals the site and the script to ensure that we can devote proper time to a turnkey website solution. Over the next couple of months, we will be making numerous and significant updates to the script's core, including updates to the underlying frameworks and adding support for Facebook's Open Graph.

Stay tuned!